Saturday, 28 September 2013


Effective Reseller Hosting To Begin Your Business.The use of internet had risen significantly over the last two decades. Every tenth person of the world feels the need of website. The hosting companies had developed in large numbers after seeing such enormous needs of the website. People who are not able to set up their own big company are setting there organization by just purchasing a good reseller package from other hosting providers and selling hosting to people from their web reseller package at lower price. Reseller hosting has now become a trend in the online industry. In this article, I will provide you with the best knowledge about reseller hosting and the website reselling tips.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting or reselling is a type of selling in which you sell a part of your own purchased hosting to someone else or to multiple customers under your own name. There is nothing to be done with main hosting provider. You are the boss to sell hosting to other people.

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You can easily understand reseller hosting by this example.

Suppose you have a reseller hosting package. You have purchased it from other organization in which you are provided with 100 GB web space and 10000 GB bandwidth. You can sell this web space to potential buyers easily without the permission of actual hosting provider. You can create a separate web package for other customers providing them hosting. It is completely your wish that how much hosting space and bandwidth you provide to the customers. You can charge them accordingly. All money will be yours. There is no right on the money of actual hosting provider. This is how reseller hosting benefits you.

Features of a Great Reseller Hosting Provider

·        Platform: You must choose the hosting provider after determining the web server OS that whether the OS is Windows, Linux, and UNIX. The server must be chosen according to client needs and your requirement. Most of the customers’ demands for open source technologies like PERL, PHP or Python etc and the Linux servers are best for this purpose.

·        Features: The reseller hosting package must have some significant features which the clients demand generally like:

1.       Disk space
2.       Bandwidth
3.       Back ups
4.       Databases
5.       Sub-domains
6.       Script like CGI, Python, PERL, SSI etc
7.       FTP accounts
8.       E-Mail
9.       Server uptime

               You can go with the reseller hosting provider providing you these facilities.

·       Cost: The cost is one of the major criteria for choosing the reseller hosting packages. A reseller package with 10 GB web space, 100 GB bandwidth and 10 C-panels will be costing around Rs8000 to Rs.11000. Anything between this range can be beneficial for you. You can go with this price with the above features.

·        Support: The reseller hosting company must provide you 24/7 support for the domains you are going to host in that package, all the technical issues and all the issues related to functioning of the package. You should choose a provider with effective support during the needs. Read the review to find the hosting with best support staff.

·      Go with the best: You should do some research in the market and search for the best hosting provider fulfilling all your needs.

So these were some features that an effective reseller hosting must have to satisfy the customers.